We support people.

Behind every story, creation, cause, organization and program we support are people.  People working every day to enrich the lives of others and bring awareness and relief to issues that need solutions.  

We recognize the critical role that funding plays in sustaining hope for people on the front lines of restoring and inspiring humanity.   So often it’s when the practical needs are met that creativity and impact work can flourish.   This is why we are care about people before outcomes – we call it relational grant making.  

We give to the pressing, basic and sometimes evolving needs of our grantees and facilitate meaningful connections in order to maximize the impact of our investment.  Practical generosity starts by noticing and listening to what people need to do their job more effectively and efficiently.  We're always looking for ways to empower our grantees by leveraging our resources and joining alongside in the journey of restoring an inspiring humanity.  

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  1. How can my organization apply for a grant? At this time we do not accept unsolicited requests for funding.  All grants are given at the discretion of the foundation.
  2. How do you know if your grants are making a difference?  We talk to our grantees often. Staying in close touch with the people on the front lines of the work allows us to know how our dollars are being utilized and maximized.  At the end of each calendar year, the organizations we support give us a full report on how our grants made a difference by providing metrics that apply to their initiatives and impact goals. We learn about programs that were implemented, the number of lives improved by the work, and percentage of revenue increased based off our of giving. Our artist grants have a different way of "reporting impact". We understand the challenges of qualifying and quantifying impact when it comes to the arts; we learn about how our grants support individual artists by frequent check-ins and bi-annual progress reports. We love it when an artist is able to bring a piece of work to completion but also have a deep appreciation for the creative process so when our funds have been invested in the forward momentum of a "work in progress" we count it as impact.

  3. Other than grants, what does the foundation do?  We empathetically connect and produce inspired partnerships, collaborations, and experiences that bring hope and restoration to “influencers” and “care-takers” and provide new avenues of distribution, engagement, and interaction between like-minded people and organizations. 

  4. I am an artist, how can I apply for the Lincoln City Fellowship?  Applications are by invitation only.  If you would like to be considered, please submit a 500 word summary of you and your project to info@speranzafoundation.com.  

  5. Where does the name Lincoln City Fellowship come from?  Our founder encountered healing and restoration in a community of artistic friends. The idea for the Lincoln City Fellowship was born out of a desire to empower these friends and artists to create by releasing them from the financial burdens that kept them from continuing with their art.   The very first project created was an album that was recorded in a special house on a street called Lincoln City.

  6. What kinds of organizations does the foundation give grants to?  We’re committed to investing in work that addresses HIV/AIDS, maternal and child health, water, economic empowerment & education for women and girls, and media for social impact.

  7. How can I stay informed about what’s going on with your foundation?  Sign up for our our quarterly newsletter and follow us on social media. 

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