The Lincoln City Fellowship was established to release an artist from fiscal responsibilities that prevent them from achieving their artistic goals. It is intended that grant will aid an artist in achieving a specific objective, such as producing a work of art or improving or enhancing the capacity, skill, or talent of the grantee so that the artist’s work is more likely to enter the public arena.

At this time we are not soliciting applications. If you would like to be considered for a future grant please submit a 500 word summary of your project and funding needs. You will be notified if there is interest in your project.



Lucy Woodward | Musician

Project: Tour/Music Video for "Til They Bang On The Door" album release GroundUP/Universal


Brooke Campbell | Musician

Project: Promotion for release of new album The Escapist>


Priscilla Gilman | Author

Project: Book series for teen girls (in progress)/p>


James Yaegashi | Writer/Actor

Project: Film script, Foreign Lands and Peoples



Debi Cornwall | Photographer

Project: Photography Exhibit, Beyond Gitmo


David Hendren | Visual Artist

Project: Creation of sound collages using found radio and field recordings


Vesper Stamper | Illustrator

Project: Illustrated children’s novel, The Sea King’s Children



Joshua Stamper | Musician/Filmmaker

Project: Album composition, the skin, the sea, the sound. Multi-media installment, Rivers Project


Paul J. Phillips | Musician

Project: Album Promotion and Tour, Magic


Jason Harrod | Musician

Project: Album recording, Highliner



Jason Russell | Author

Project: Book, Defend Tomorrow (working title))


Jedidiah Jenkins | Author

Project: Memoir about a 16 month bicycle trip from Oregon to Patagonia/p>


Danica Russell | Author

Project: Illustrated children’s book series



Patricia Fernandez | Visual Artist

Project: Art Exhibit, Points of Departure: Five Walks



Ignacio Perez Meruane | Visual Artist

Project: Exhibit in Santiago, Chile at Galeria Tajamar – May 2015




Ben Stamper | Filmmaker

Project: Documentary film about art, autism and the passage into adulthood, Don’t Foil my Plans

Vanessa Contopolus | Musician

Project: Composition and recording of new music to open dialogue with human trafficking survivors


Colin McGrath | Musician

Project: Album recording, Yellow Brick Man



Nick Robertson | Playwright

Project: Adaptation and Production for young audiences, Dido and the Queen


Three Jennys | Writers/Actors

Jenny Mudge, Jenny Sheffer-Stevens, Jenny Wales

Project: Original play, Wrecked


Jennifer Grant | Author

Project: Memoir about midlife, When Did Everybody Else Get So Old?



Jason Pearson | Visual Artist

Project: Year of Mercy Painting Series Exhibition


Sara Hendren | Visual Artist

Project: Tracking and commenting the future of human bodies in the built environment