Lucy Woodward Singer Musician

Completion and promotion for album Till They Bang on The Door

Brooke Campbell Singer/Songwriter

Promotion for album The Escapist

Larry Gallagher Singer Songwriter

Recording of album Eternity Resumes

Matt Ward Writer

Children’s book series The Fantastic Family Whipple

Priscilla Gilman Writer

Development of book series for teen girls

Jen Grant Writer

Memoir about mid-life, When Did Everybody Else Get So Old?

Debi Cornwall Photographer

Photography exhibit for Beyond Gitmo

David Hendren Visual Artist

Sound collages using found radio & field recordings

Vesper Stamper Illustrator Musician

Illustrated children’s novel, The Sea King’s Children

Joshua Stamper Musician/Filmmaker

Album the skin, the sea, the sound. Multi-media RIVERS


Vincent DeLuca Filmmaker

Creation of a short documentary about journey to the northern lights


Chris Domig Actor/Filmmaker

Screenplay adaptation of the play Dirt


Patrick Burns Playwright Actor

Writing time on new musical, Life Sentence


Augusto Amador Playwright

Workshop production of new play,The Sunset Room

Craig Taubman musician Activist

Production of music videos for re-release of previous recorded music

Paul J. Phillips Singer/Songwriter

Promotion and tour for album Magic

Jason Harrod Singer Songwriter

Recording of album Highliner

Selah Hinton Hip-Hop artist

Development of website for music promotion

Jason Russell Writer/Activist

Development of memoir, Defend Tomorrow

Jedidiah Jenkins Writer

Memoir about bike trip from Oregon to Patagonia, To Shake the Sleeping Self

Danica Russell Writer

Illustrated children’s book series

Igancio Perez Meruane Visual Artist

Circuitos exhibit in Santiago, Chile at Galeria Tajamar


Robert Lucy Painter

Development of new website to showcase and sell artwork


Ben Stamper Filmmaker

Film about art, autism and the passage into adulthood, Don’t Foil my Plans

Roko Belic - photo by Bil Zelman small.jpg

Roko Belic Filmmaker

Development of narrative feature film


Heather Mendoza Mertens Playwright/Actor

Development of participatory play - The Park Project


Nick Robertson + Willa Bassen Playwright Composer

Development and reading of original musical, "Perfect"

Vanessa Contopulos Musician

New music to open a dialogue with human trafficking survivors More >>

Colin Mcgrath Singer/Songwriter

Recording of album Yellow Brick Man

Jenny Sheffer-Stevens Writer/Actress

Book based on blog, The Regular Jenny

Chris Wells Writer/Performer

Book based on work at The Secret City

Gina Angelone Writer/Filmmaker

Audio recording of novel, Portrait of a Stranger

Jason Pearson Visual Artist

Art exhibit for Extraordinary Jubilee Year of Mercy painting series

Sara Hendren Artist/Designer

Designs around disability & accessibility


Aaron Rothman Photographer

Experimental landscape photography, Signal Noise


Kenny Laubbacher Director Photographer

Filming Take Away Film: Uganda


Jenna Johnson Actress/Filmmaker

Post production of short film, Disposable: The Musical

Screen Shot 2016-09-02 at 10.12.57 PM.png

Nick Robertson Playwright

Adaptation for young audiences, Dido and the Queen


James Yaegashi Writer/Actor

Film script for Foreign Lands and Peoples


Alia Kache Dancer Choreographer

Immersive dance piece,The Bloom and the Blackness